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“As a senior citizen approaching 80 years of age, I was not sure what the post-surgery results would be for my badly torn rotator cuff.  But the outcome of my surgery was not only a huge success, it exceeded all of my expectations.  I now have the full use of my right arm once again!

“Dr. Stephen Gallay and his team of nurses, secretaries, administrative staff and therapists are not only extremely professional, but they are also tremendously caring and compassionate.  I believe this contributed immensely to my speedy and successful recovery.”

– Maggie

“I am a very active senior and a long distance runner.  In January 2016, while walking in the park, I slipped and fell on a patch of black ice. I injured both my left ankle and my left shoulder. While the ankle healed, the shoulder continued to cause me a great deal of difficulty.

“The quality of my life deteriorated rapidly. Not only could I not run, there were many other things that I could not do. Personal care became a huge issue. The pain and the lack of motion inhibited my ability to dress myself – putting on a shirt, pulling up my pants – washing and styling my hair, cutting my own meat and many other things that require the use of your shoulder. These seem like little things; however, they affect a person greatly by impacting their quality of life. Perhaps the worst difficulty was the ability to sleep properly. It did not matter which position I chose, sleep was difficult. I found the only way I could sleep was to sleep sitting up.

“I went to my doctor in March to find out what was going on with my shoulder. After getting an ultra sound, it was found that I had completely torn the rotator cuff. I was referred to Dr. Gallay and saw him two weeks later. Two weeks after that I had surgery.  After surgery and physiotherapy, I have my life back. Four months after surgery, I have full range of motion in my shoulder and building strength again. I am now able to do all the things I was able to do before the injury. Instead of suffering for years, receiving quality care in a timely manner has made a huge difference in every aspect of my life. I will be forever thankful for the expeditious manner in which I received my care. I feel that it is very important for all patients to receive care in this manner in order to get back to doing things they were able to do before injury.”

– Ellen

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